Payroll Services

The area of payroll is a very sensitive and demanding professional area, subject to frequent changes in relevant laws and regulations. Therefore, accuracy in the calculation and professional advice of the management are extremely important. For most employers, salaries are also a trade secret. That is why, and due to the optimization of costs and directing existing employees to other positions, the growing trend of outsourcing salaries and entrusting specialized specialists prevails. At the same time, in addition to the calculation of salaries and other payments, we take care of all mandatory monthly and annual reports of the competent institutions. You can have full confidence in our consistency, confidentiality and flexibility in salary management, but what really makes us special is our fully individualized service.

Personnel Records

Related to the payroll service is the service of keeping complete personnel records. Personnel records services relate to:

  • Creating and keeping an employee register

  • Keeping records of the expiration of fixed-term employment contracts

  • Registrations/deregistrations/changes in pension and health insurance

  • Calculation of the number of vacation days

  • Writing decisions on the right to vacation and more

  • Keeping track of whether the quota on employment of persons with disabilities has been met on a monthly basis

  • Writing a letter to the bailiffs in case the enforcement cannot be acted upon and returning the letter to the bailiffs when the employee deregistrates

  • Sending all required certificates and forms (e.g. employment certificates for kindergarten, loans, etc.)

Payroll Services and Personnel Records