Advantages of External Payroll Services

Internal Payroll Services External Payroll Services –
Payroll services are often performed by one person who also performs other accounting and bookkeeping tasks Payroll services are performed by specialized experts who deal exclusively with this
Ad-hoc law enforcement Specialized experts monitor changes in legislation on a daily basis
Minimum employee education Continuous employee education
Untimely submission of requests for refunds, non-use of all possibilities of facilities, etc. Up-to-date claims for salary and contribution refunds. Use of available facilities.
Delays and irregular payments due to absence of employees (annual leave, sick leave) Regular payment within the agreed deadlines
The cost of calculating salaries depends on the time spent by the employee Fixed contracted cost of payroll
Manual or semi-automated delivery and reporting Automated delivery and reporting
Easier possibility of internal circulation of information Complete confidentiality and security of data


  • We guarantee the correctness of the calculation

  • We respect the deadlines for payment of salaries

  • We automate the data collection process

  • Ability to produce a large number of reports for management

  • We are continuously working on optimizing business processes with the client

  • We download and restore data in all formats

  • We ensure maximum protection and security of classified information

  • Compliance with GDPR provisions

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