Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

We perform all bookkeeping services in accordance with laws and regulations, Croatian and International Accounting Standards, Croatian and International Financial Reporting Standards, client accounting policies and other prescribed legal regulations. Our bookkeeping services include:

  • Main business books

  • Auxiliary records: register of fixed assets, register of small inventory, cash register and other auxiliary books as needed and on request
  • Tax records: book of incoming invoices, book of outgoing invoices, calculation of VAT, control books

  • Reports: vendor account balances, customer account balances, employee pay analytics, cost center analytics and other records on request

  • Accounting policies

Payroll and Other Income Services

In the area of payroll, we can offer individual advice on issues related to income tax, pension insurance and labor law. Our services in the field of salaries and benefits include:

  • Payroll services

  • Payroll services for posted workers

  • Honorarium contracts calculations

  • Authors’ honorarium contracts calculations

  • Submission of JOPPD forms and preparation of tax returns

  • Registration and deregistration of workers at HZMO and HZZO

EU Projects Submission and Management

Developing projects for EU funds is an inevitable step on the path to obtaining financial support offered by EU funds. The goal is to find the best solution for financing own projects with grants from European funds. Services within the development and implementation of EU funds projects are:

  • Analysis

  • Consulting

  • Project preparation and submission

  • Project management

  • Submission of quarterly and final reports

Business Plans and Investment Studies

Preparation of business plans and investment studies fully compliant with the requirements of HBOR, HAMAG BICRO, the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development and the structure required by commercial banks and funds.

  • Initial meeting

  • Analysis and consulting

  • Document preparation

  • Submission to authorities

  • Coordination

Advisory and Consulting Services

Through a comprehensive approach, we provide various forms of business, tax, accounting and financial consulting, and in cooperation with the law office, legal consulting services in the field of tax and commercial law.

  • Business consulting

  • Tax consulting

  • Accounting and financial consulting

  • Legal consulting

  • Forensics

Establishing a Company and Obtaining Permits

Assistance in resolving doubts when founding a company. After the initial analysis and consultation, we coordinate the process of founding the company between the founders and institutions. We prepare all the necessary documentation for company registration and help obtain all necessary permits and documents. We provide assistance in registering with the competent authorities, choosing a commercial bank and opening a business account, and generally initial assistance in starting a business.

  • Analysis and consulting

  • Choosing the right legal-organizational form

  • Gathering the necessary documentation

  • Registration with the competent authorities

  • Help with starting a business

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