The whole procedure can be solved on the same day, and we can start posting your documentation no matter where you are at the moment.

We will process your documentation within 5 working days of receiving it.

Bookkeeping, accounting and payroll services can be contracted on any date during the business year by transferring closing balances to a specific date.

No, the minimum term for the provision of bookkeeping, accounting and payroll services is not prescribed by the contract.

We determine the price of the service according to the activity and the size of your business. Before setting the price, we will talk to you to get to know your business and estimate the average number of bookkeeping items and the time required to offer you the price of bookkeeping, accounting and payroll services.

Accounting documentation is usually submitted monthly. Two-week delivery is also possible, and the largest clients require the processing of accounting documentation on a weekly or daily basis. The more up-to-date the delivery of documentation, the more up-to-date its processing is, and in this way it is possible to better monitor your business.

Yes. You can submit your documentation electronically. When contracting the service, we will talk to you and see which option would be best for both parties.

We are. Upon receipt of the authorization, we send the reports on your behalf electronically to the Tax Administration, FINA, HZMO, HZZO and other institutions.

Yes. If you need to track your costs by branches, organizational units, EU and other projects, or other cost centers or profit centers, we will keep your books accordingly.

No. All bookkeeping, accounting and payroll services, and preparation of financial and tax reports, etc. are performed exclusively by our employees.

Yes. After contracting accounting services with us, we will inform you about the contacts of your dedicated team, and you can contact your manager in several ways: by phone, e-mail, fax and/or via Skype.