Advantages of Cloud Accounting

Online outgoing invoices. Incoming invoices are also attached to the cloud application by scanning or imaging.

Possibility of simple issuing of travel orders created by different users, without copying from Excel.

Direct standalone access to the balance sheet on click. An entrepreneur can check the state of business without an accountant.

Possibility to enter working time records independently, including all absences, leaves, sick leaves and overtimes.

Possibility of invoice liquidation via web interface, which enables paperless procedures, process speed and higher data reliability.

Possibility of optical reading of documents – paperless and without overwriting – shorter time from receipt of invoice to posting.

Works on All Devices

You can access the cloud interface at any time via any device. The content will adapt to the dimensions of your screen.

What are the Opportunities of Cloud Accounting?

Quick and easy self-issuance of invoices. Customers are automatically imported into the program from the court register, which shortens the time for data entry and reduces the possibility of errors. After the invoice is issued, the value and quantity of stock is also reduced. Enabled display of the list of issued invoices.

Quick and easy entry of travel orders, also possible via mobile phone. Online travel orders simplify the process of entering, calculating, printing and analyzing business trips.

All documents are available in one place and are stored securely in the archive. You can easily take pictures of the received invoices with your mobile phone and attach them to the documentation. Through the program, accountants also have easy access to accounts because they are stored in the same database.

The cloud application supports key processes in the repository and allows independent viewing. Overview of stocks and orders is quick and easy, and a number of automated procedures take care of the optimal condition of goods and stocks.

A simple system of planning and recording work and the absence of employees. In addition to the simple recording of employee working hours by the company, the program also allows each employee access to their own working hours, control of leave and sick leave.